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Welcome to the Lady Gators Basketball Program.
Nothing is more difficult in sports than selecting and coaching a girl's basketball team. Despite good intentions and efforts to be fair, problems may still occur. In the end, the goal of the Lady Gators is that the experience should be a positive one, with players making new friends and growing both as an athlete and personally.

Before trying out for the Lady Gators, players and parents should ask the following questions:

  • Am I satisfied with the priorities of the organization and coaches (teaching, developing, winning, and having fun)?
  • Did the players and parents on last year's team have a positive experience?
  • What criteria is used to select a team?
  • What amount of time and financial commitment does the organization expect of a player?
  • Do parents and players understand that the player may not play regularly or play their favorite position, and that playing time is earned through effort, and performance?

These questions can be answered by information presented on this web site, or by asking the coaches and previous players. If both player and parents are comfortable with the philosophy and rules, there will be no surprises and you should be prepared for whatever follows, good or bad.

Remember that coaching is always difficult. "All" the coach has to do is make certain that all the players get playing time, give all players individual instruction, please players and parents, win games, and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Attempting to balance and execute all these components for every girl on the team is exactly why coaching can be so difficult, yet so rewarding.

Parents are not coaches and must refrain from "coaching" on the sidelines or criticizing officials. Parents should "parent", coaches should "coach", referees should "ref", and players should "play". Let the coaches do the jobs they are there for, and let them know you appreciate the time, effort, and sacrifices they make by giving them a pat on the back once in a while.

Parents should make a commitment to the organization not only financially but also in terms of supporting the entire team both on and off the court, which helps maintain team morale.

The Lady Gators organization tries to instill our players with the value, "More we, less me." This means that the team is more important than the individual, and that the team needs are always higher priority than those of the individual.

Achievement comes from preparation and effort. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Players should take personal responsibility and understand that discipline, training, determination, willingness to learn, commitment, dedication, and sacrifice are what will separate them from the average player.

If a player isn't getting playing time, then maybe she isn't paying attention at practice, working hard enough, learning techniques, being a team player, or taking care of her on-court assignments. Whatever the reason for lack of court time, don't blame the coach or anyone else. Take personal responsibility, work harder, and control your own destiny!!

Constructive criticism is more valuable than empty praise. Real self-esteem is gained by effort, performance, and achievement.

It is the hope of the Lady Gators organization that with the support of the coaches and their families, every player will develop their skills, become better players, and more importantly, better people.

Leo J. Maloney
Director, Lady Gators

The following information is designed to answer the most common questions regarding our program.

What is the Cost of the Program?
When does the Season Start and End?
Practice Policies:  Where and When are they Held?
Playing Time
Why Play for The Lady Gators?
Parents Responsibilities and Commitment

What is the Cost of the Program?

The 2011 season fee is TBD, based on 12 players per team. This includes cost of uniforms, practice facility, club and sanction fees, tournament entry fees, and coaching fees.

Players fees do not include: traveling expenses, hotels, food, etc.

All fees are to be paid in full immediately upon becoming a Lady Gators team member. 


When does the Season Start and End?

The season will begin approximately the 2nd week in March and ends the 2nd week in June. 

Practice Policies:  Where and When are they Held?

Players are required to commit to and attend two 2-hour practices a week throughout the entire season (days TBD).

Practices are held to develop individual and team skills and cohesiveness.  Our practice policy is strict.  Anyone who misses three practice sessions not pre-approved by the Head Coach or Director will be dismissed from the team.  This policy will be explained at tryouts and strictly enforced.


Playing Time:

Each girl earns their playing time thru hard work and dedication while at practice.  You don’t have to be a superstar to play for The Lady Gators, you just have to apply what you’ve learned and give 100% while on the court.
Playing time is not guaranteed to be equal for every game, but will be allocated fairly at the discretion of the Head Coach.


Why Play for The Lady Gators?

The Lady Gators program provides all girls the opportunity to learn the game, develop and improve their skills, and play competitive basketball against other players of equal or higher skills.  This will hopefully give our players exposure and perhaps help them to have successful High School and College careers at either Division 1, 2, or 3 schools.   They will get to travel and make new friends, but most of all “have fun”.


Parents Responsibilities and Commitment:

As a parent it is your responsibility to make sure both you and your child are committed to the program and their teammates.  This means a sacrifice for both parent and player!

Practices are mandatory and important to both the player and team.  You as a parent need to get your child to practice every time, and on time!

You cannot allow outside distractions to interfere with what the teams are trying to accomplish thru hard work at practice.

As a parent you must refrain from coaching your child while at games.  This only distracts the player and confuses her.  The player should not be put in the position of deciding whom to listen to …the Coach or her parent.

Parents need to be positive at all times – to your daughters and all their teammates.

If you have questions or issues regarding your daughter, see the Coach in private, away from the players.  If you are still not satisfied, contact the Director of the organization – Leo Maloney.

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